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Race, privilege and identity is a gathering taking place in Bristol, UK, 24-26th April 2009.

Its aim is to engage with issues of race, privilege and identity in DIY queer-feminist communities through building dialogue, coalitions and resources.

The gathering will be both practical and issue based — we aim to provide a skill-base so people can feel empowered to constructively tackle multiple forms of exclusion that are silenced through the hidden normativities of radical queer and feminist communities.

We are looking for contributions including:

* Workshop facilitators
* Artwork
* Resource ideas (films, written documents)
* Safe space monitors
* Performances
* DIY Creche/ children’s crew
* Contributions for a zine to be made available at the gathering

Please contact us to discuss your ideas. Confirmed workshops so far include:

* Anti-racist space audit,
* Introduction to supporting disABLED people in activist spaces
* Race & feminism: learning from history.

We would very much like workshops that examine issues of class & economic privilege & the specificity of racism in the 21st century, so please contact us if you feel inspired, and please forward this call for contributions out to your networks.


Please check this blog for updates (accommodation, maps, workshop updates, and reading lists).


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