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On Saturday of the RPI gathering, Bristol ABC will be hosting a workshop focussing how prisons criminalise people on basis of class, ethnicity, gender,sexuality & political affiliation.

Here is the description:

Prisons are tools of social exclusion that remove and silence the criminalised other, often defined as such by gender, ethnicity, economic status or political affiliation. We can see this at work in the UK today, with people of colour being over-represented in the prison system, the growing number of women and young people being given custodial sentences, and the disproportionately long sentences meted out to political activists. This destroys our communities while keeping individuals isolated and vulnerable; communities and individuals are criminalised, excluded and disempowered.


Prisons reinforce the state and capitalism’s oppressive agenda: hierarchical, patriarchal, racist, heterosexist, homophobic, and imperialist.

In our workshop, we will explore the factors that increasingly contribute simultaneously to the criminalisation and victimisation of communities. We will also discuss ways of defending against the criminalisation and overpolicing of our communities to oppose the growing “prison society”.


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